We pride ourselves on our ability to secure repeat business. Our incentive scheme and creative referral programmes enable us to reward loyalty amongst our clients and candidates alike. Our creative referral programme has also resulted in some of our most successful hires. We forge long-term relationships with our candidates, helping them grow throughout their careers. Although recruitment isn’t always long-term, the need for good hires is.

Our mission is to add value to our clients. We take the time to truly understand your needs. From understanding the hard skills required to excel in your business or project, through to profiling our candidates for those all-important soft skills whilst working within your budget. We ensure qualified, reference-checked profiles are provided within good time.

We operate with honesty and integrity. Our service is not about quick wins, we only take on business when we’re confident that we can add value.

We will only contact you with opportunities that we have vetted thoroughly and that come from reputable clients. During the recruitment process, we stay in touch – we value your time just as much as we do our clients’. Our goal is to foster a long-term relationship with you, helping you to find a role you really want, whilst creating a future talent pool where we can contact you for further opportunities.

We safeguard our clients and candidate’s information. We have enlisted tax and localised compliance experts across the countries in which we operate, ensuring we get it right first time. We are GDPR compliant and ensure all data is protected in line with the regulations. You can rest assured that your business is in safe hands.


Nasar Rehman

Managing Director

I have over 10 years of SAP recruitment experience, and have consistently Staffed complex projects over the past years placing over 400 Consultants and overseeing 500+ placements as a manager, regularly supplying the hard to find candidates globally  and helping clients map their projects to ensure they have the best talent available

Interests: Cars are a passion of mine along with (I know its sad to say) learning about the Latest SAP releases and updates ( they say if you do something you love you’ll never work a day in your life).

Aaron James Bunker

SAP Delivery Manager

I have over 7 years of SAP recruitment experience as a Delivery Manager, I have delivered over 500 Placements within complex projects and Previously  been awarded top performer in delivery two years in a row. I have a Passion for finding the right profile and training others.

Interests: I love to travel and experience new cultures, I also enjoy playing football every week (5 a side).

Maria Gurbuz

SAP Specialist

I communicate with clients and upper management teams for the most effective project completion. I also have a background knowledge of Biomedical science, studying the different life cycles, adaptations, and environment. This has helped me to acknowledge science life better.

Interests:  I thoroughly enjoy playing Badminton with family and friends, also love spending time outdoors to hike. I like reading different authors from Jane Austen to Khaled Hosseini.

Kyle Downs

SAP Specialist

I have 2 years of SAP recruitment experience with a background in Executive Search. During this time, I have developed an aptitude for staffing complex projects and efficiently delivering the top talent to customers across the globe.

Interests: During my spare time I enjoy working out and making music as a means of being productive and for my general wellbeing and when I can, I love to travel and take part in new experiences.


Recruiting for a new project should be a straightforward process. However, we know that as time goes on, it can become complicated, resulting in poor hires and a negative experience for both candidates and clients. Our purpose is to provide excellent service above all else, with a focus on quality over quantity. We’ve worked on a range of deployments, from small to large, and always maintain that recruitment should be a value-add process, with fit for purpose hires.

Communication is key to delivering our purpose. As a client, you will be able to reach your allocated account manager at any time during our business hours. As a candidate, we provide a personal service, with regular updates at each stage of the journey.



We have built good relationships with many clients over the past twenty years, including several global brands. Our clients choose to partner with us because of our commitment to quality, our reputation for providing reliable and affordable hiring solutions and our expert knowledge of IT & SAP careers across a range of sectors.